Frequently Asked Questions

When properly following the 10 steps of ‘use’ the spray can will be visible for up to about five days.

By swimming or when visiting the sauna, the color obtained disappears faster than normal. We also recommend not to exercise within 8 hours after the treatment.

A minimum of 60 treatments for face and neck. For full body treatment about 10 light treatments. Depending on how economically the spray is applied.

YUCEE can be used on all skin types, has been dermatologically tested and is approved by the FDA. The active ingredient is DHA, a natural raw material that is extracted from sugar. Of course, YUCEE is the best alternative for harmful UV from sun and sunbed. For extremely sensitive skin or skin allergies, it is always advisable to test the spray on a small skin surface to test the reaction.

With regular use, the color becomes deeper and will remain visible for longer. Regular care with a moisturizing lotion or cream will improve the effect over time.

YUCEE has a very pleasant fragrance thanks to the Aloe Vera and a soft perfume.

If too much spray tan is applied, the excess will not be absorbed by the skin and may give off on clothing or bedding, but this is simply washable with water.

For a longer ‘shelf life’ it is better to follow ‘the 10 steps’, so yes. For quick updating or quick treatment, taking into account a shorter or worse ‘shelf life’, it is not required.

No, this is not harmful. It can be easily washed out. It is advisable to lightly cover her so that no – otherwise harmless discoloration – can occur.

You can dab with a make-up brush or with the special YUCEE glove. You can also remove everything with water. And with virtually any body cleansing agent, the spray is also easy to remove.

After five to seven days you can repeat the treatment for a continuous natural effect and a healthy look. With frequent use, the color deepens.

No, YUCEE does not have UV filters.

There is no age associated with the use.

This has no harmful effects and can simply be washed in the washing machine.

The composition of Yucee is of high quality partly due to the use of DHA. The orange effect is usually the result of carotene, which is often present in the products of lesser quality. For a natural result it is important not to use too much product per treatment, to build up better slowly.

From 1960, DHA has already been used in many products and so far no problems have been identified with DHA during pregnancy. YUCEE is of course the best alternative to UV radiation from the sun and tanning beds. (overheating / UV radiation)

YUCEE is ideal for giving your head a healthy, well-groomed color.

Everyone has a different skin type so one will color darker than the other. To deepen the color, the treatment can be repeated as described.

Always keep the eyes relaxed but keep them closed while spraying. Yucee contains no alcohol and will therefore not prick or irritate the eyes.

YUCEE INSTANT SPRAYTAN gives you that natural tan in just a minute

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